¿What are the medical treatments the tourist mostly looks for?

Iris Fernández

Health tourism or medical tourism is making into an important pillar in the Spanish tourist offer and, specially in destinations like Mallorca. The tourist from countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium or Norway (among others) looks for the excellence the professionals from the Spanish Health service offers as well as the rest, the weather and the beauty of the landscape the Balearic Islands possess.

The last tendencies indicate the dermatology treatments, assisted reproduction, cosmetic medicine and dentistry are the most requested services the foreigner tourist demands in Spain. In addition, the ranking of health assistance related to the tourism follows with another specialties such as orthopedic, ophthalmology and psychology.

It is necessary not to forget the own World Health Organization (WHO) places the Spanish Health Service as the seventh in the world ranking. At the same time, the Newsweek magazine places it in the third global position, just at the back of Japan and Switzerland. The data indicates that more than 180.000 foreigner tourists move about Spain looking for the excellence health assistance which is completed with the best welfare offer due to the tourist destinations like Mallorca.

In this way, Mallorcare offers all those treatments that are included between the most requested by the foreigner tourists according to the different specialties:

  • Assisted Reproduction: Mallorcare has the treatments of artificial insemination, fertility studies, in vitro fertilisation, ovule reception, among others.
  • Medicine and cosmetic surgery: patients may request different treatments such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, breast lift, lipolaser, tummy tuck, face lift and micrograft. In addition there are another treatments at your disposal as: Botox, hyaluronic acid, peeling doctor, PRP and facial vitamins. These kind of treatments leading in aesthetic are complementary with nutrition and dietetics services with the advice of the best specialists.
  • Dentistry: In this field there are treatments such as the teeth whitening, teeth whitening effective kor, ceramic veneers, resin veneers, endodontics dental implants, wisdom teeth extraction, periapical surgery, crowns and bridges.
  • Orthopedic: Some of the specialties the patients would request at Mallorcare are knee and shoulder arthroscopic as well as platelet growth factors that reduce the pain and speed the recovery up of injuries almost half the time. This treatment could be associated with surgery intervention so that promotes the tissue cicatrization as in tendon injuries, crossed knee ligaments, sutures or degenerative injuries.

Each and every one of these types of treatments are performed in a paradisiacal environment and they are complemented with the best Hotels offer and services on the island of Mallorca. While the website Mallorcare Health (www.mallorcare.eu) provides all the information, do not hesitate to consult any doubt about these and other treatments online through this website and the various contact channels that are provided here.